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What The Fuck. Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States of [Corporate Free Speech] decided that Corporations are people too, and thus they are allowed the same right to free speech as individuals, thus making laws that limit their spending on political campaigns and political advertising unconstitutional.

John McCain sipping a thirst-quenching Coca-Cola, Sarah Palin human-hunting with a .50 caliber Barrett rifle.

What the fuck have we become?  This has got to be closest to the "jumping-the-shark" moment in this country since the institutionalization of slavery.  Basically, the court has decided that corporations don't have enough legal protections and thus we should give them our first-born as payment.

Oy.  Sorry for the inaccuracy and hyperbole, but I'm pretty pissed.  Let's see what it would cost to move to Canada...


My wonderful, thoughtful, talented sister Rachel will be contributing to the blog in the near-future!  I have instituted a no-edit policy, which means that whatever she writes I will keep my hands off of entirely!  This is in the interest of exploring the creation of a small, individually-autonomous community in which each person's beliefs are as important as the next.


I am looking for authors!  I want thinkers, writers, photographers, anyone, really!  This is a space for sharing ideas and beauty and your deepest darkest secrets (if thats what you want to talk about).  There are no rules, except that the content be original and "future-seeking."  The interpretation of that is up to you.

So, if you want to write, just drop me a line, leave a comment, etc.  Hope to hear back from some of you!


Debra said...

I agree with my son Sam even though he used the "F" word more than once. I was on vacation last week and in general not interested in hearing news unless it was good, which meant I didn't hear much of anything, but when a friend related this bit of nonsense from the Supreme Court of the good ole USA I had to ask him to repeat it three times. I just did not believe what I had heard!!

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