A Need to Lighten Up [Humor]

I am always telling myself to "lighten up."  Mostly that stems from some anxiety issues I have, but recently it's also been applicable to this feeling that there's really no reason to get worked up about anything, because the honest truth is, tomorrow will come as it may.  Needless to say, the situation in Haiti has gotten me very, very upset, and there's nothing we can do from here other than send money to reputable charities, pray, and wait for enough infrastructure to come back online to make rebuilding a possibility.

So, if any of you are feeling the way I am, I invite you to fill your hearts with laughter and lightness in order to replenish your emotional reserves and be your strongest for the struggles sure to crop up in the future:

First, let's turn to NBC late night.  If you haven't been paying attention, Leno got fired for being a bad comic and  then was offered Conan's spot, who got pissed and lashed out and was supported by everyone but his boss at NBC, leading Leno to shrug his shoulders and act even MORE like a douche.

And then there was Hitler.

After all this, NBC is finding a ratings boost in its newest reality show, tentatively titled: "Coco vs. Chinzilla," to be filmed in Vancouver alongside the 2010 Winter Olympics featuring special guest Maifist U. Plenosass.

And I also found this gem last night during a rare perusal of MTA's Metro publication.  This guy has got the sort of blogosphere attention I can only dream of (har har), and he's not even awake while creating his content!

AND they have t-shirts!


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